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The Swedish Election 2022

Riksdag, municipal council and regional council elections will be held on 11 September 2022.

Who can vote?

To be eligible to vote, an individual must be at least 18 years old on election day. The details listed in the Swedish Population Register 30 days before election day determine whether you are eligible to vote, and which electoral district you belong to.

You are eligible to vote in Riksdag elections if you are:

  • a Swedish citizen, and you are or have been listed in the Swedish Population Register.

You are entitled to vote in local council elections for your municipality and region if you are:

  • a Swedish citizen, and you are listed in the Swedish Population Register
  • a citizen of an EU country, Iceland or Norway, and you are listed in the Swedish Population Register
  • a citizen of any other country, and you have been listed in the Swedish Population Register for three consecutive years before election day

Those who are eligible to vote receive a voting card

Those who are eligible to vote are sent a voting card by post about three weeks before election day. Your voting card will state the elections in which you are entitled to vote, as well as the name, address and opening hours of your polling station. If your voting card is missing, you can order a new one from your municipality or the Swedish Election Authority.

Ballot papers

Ballot papers are yellow for Riksdag elections, white for municipal council elections and blue for regional council elections. There are ballot papers at every voting location.

Voting for a party

You vote primarily for a party. The name of the party is on the ballot paper. If you cannot find a ballot paper for your party of choice, you can write the name of the party on a blank ballot paper.

Specifying a candidate

If you want a particular candidate to be elected, you can put a cross in the check box before that candidate’s name on your named ballot paper. You can only put a cross in one check box for one candidate. You can also specify a candidate by stating both the name of a party and your preferred candidate on a blank ballot paper.

Where to vote

Vote at your local polling station on election day: 11 September
You can only vote at the polling station marked on your voting card. The polling station is only open on election day. When you vote at your local polling station, your name is ticked off on the electoral register and your ballots are placed in the ballot box.

Vote in advance in either your own or another municipality

You can vote in advance at any voting location in Sweden. Advance voting in Sweden will take place from 24 August 2022 up to election day. You must bring your voting card with you when voting in advance. You can find out where to vote in advance from your municipality or on val.se.

Voting from abroad

If you are outside Sweden, you can vote by post or in advance at many Swedish embassies and consulates. To vote by post, you must use special materials that you can order from the Swedish Election Authority, your municipality, or a Swedish embassy or consulate. You can send a postal ballot from abroad from 28 July for the 2022 elections. You can vote in advance at a Swedish embassy or consulate from 18 August.

You must prove your identity

In order to vote, you must show a proof of identity document. If you do not have a proof of identity document, someone else can certify your identity, but then they must show a proof of identity document.

Learn more

In the link below you will find general information about how to vote in the election to the Swedish Riksdag and to the municipal- and county councils 2022. Also some information about your local politicians.

Municipal Elections Special Edition English Newsletter 2022


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