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Go out into nature and marvel

In Norsjö Isa Hjelte runs a yoga studio. She is a nature person who finds energy out in the forest. Blueberry bushes and birds chirping put her in a good mood and she wants everyone to be able to take advantage of yoga in their own way.

Who are you ?

I’d like to say “I just am “ Then I try to allow myself to be anything: angry, sad, happy, happy, brash, humorous, tired, etc. Sometimes I’m down to earth and sometimes up in the clouds.

What is your passion ?

I am passionate about helping and guiding others to find their way and their tools to feel better, to spread some light in everyday life. It is great to see when both adults and children take steps towards what is important to them. How they feel that they are changing and evolving to the person they are deep inside. That I can be a part of that journey, be able to give a little something that they can use as a tool means a lot to me. Then nature and the animals are something that is very close to my heart.

How did you get in touch with yoga ?

I have always been interested in knowing how the body works, what we are affected by and how. For me, yoga has been a great rescue and a big step to energy to continue on my journey to get to know myself. The first time I came in contact with yoga I stood at a crossroads in life where I did not know if I would be able to do more. I then met a cousin of my mother who told about the yoga and said that you should try it. Without any major thought I gave it a try. I went to Stockholm to study for a year and felt that something happened when I was there that made me feel better. For me it was there and then that I got hooked on yoga and started a journey to get to know myself which has been both tough and amazing.

How do yoga and nature hang together for you ?

Nature itself is self-healing and a place that helps so much with recovery and gives time for reflection. It is a matter of course for me to use the yoga tools such as breathing, movement, reflection and meditation in a place that is in itself calm but at the same time full of life. Yoga is often used today as a tool for stress and recovery, it must be free of performance. For me, the forest is yoga. Just strolling in the woods, breathing calmly and experiencing with my senses makes the stress, tension and heaviness flow out of the body. Many who do not feel good today are happy to go out into the forest to recover. For some, it works just as well as taking a pill.

How does it feel to have a yoga studio in Norsjö ?

I would open my own yoga studio and treatment room is like a dream, I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who has faith in me and come to my classes, courses and treatments.

What are your best tips ?

Make sure to do a good thing for yourself every day, even if it is a little small. Align the senses, put away the cellphone and turn off the TV and the radio one day a week, hang out with yourself or others. Try to be in the present and go out into nature and marvel. Something happens in the body when you do it.
”Make sure you do a good thing for yourself every day, even if it’s something small.”

Isa gör yoga i skogen.

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