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With an eye for nature photos

Seventeen moose in a row is the most acclaimed film that Jesper Stenmark managed to catch with his drone during the winter. He does not want to call himself a nature photographer because he is happy to photograph other things as well, but acknowledges that owls, moose, northern lights and other things in nature are readily available in front of the camera lens.

Who are you ?

A freelance photographer with focus on animal and nature photos.


What is your passion ?

I want to lift what is near. Show on what amazing nature we have here. You do not have to go on long journeys to experience grand nature, it is outside the house.


Why did you start photographing ?

Both my dad and my uncle have always photographed. However, I was far too lazy to make an analogy. When it took two weeks to get the pictures home, I had lost interest. With the entry of digital cameras, my interest in photography took off again. I bought my first camera in 2003.


You are also interested in hunting; what do you do during the hunting season? Do you hunt or you shoot ?

I have to set rules for myself and decide in advance if I should shoot or photograph. It is a little different depending on the situation. But I always have my camera with me of course.


You got a good attention of the film and the pictures of the seventeen moose in a row, what do you say about that ?

It is definitely one of my most noteworthy pictures and it has been good for marketing since it led to some sales. It is clearly fun to get attention for your work.


How has your development been as a photographer ?

The technology has progressed incredibly fast and I have developed in step with it. I try to stay way ahead when I think it is very fun. Drone photography has, for example, opened up a whole new angle for us photographers.


What is most fun to photograph ?

Animals, of course. Nature Photos requires a good place and so you have to wait for the light. As it should be with the animals in the picture to be doing the right things, it takes a little more. Then it will be a completely different challenge.


You have had some exhibitions, can you tell us about them ?

I have had one which was on my own initiative but then both the Source and Granö Beckasin have contacted me for exhibitions, great to be noticed. I have also had some photo exhibitions , both at Medan during the Love Week and at the elderly homes, where I presented the photos.


Curiosity :

Jesper became second in the photo contest Nordic nature photo contest with his picture of the moose parade.
Jesper works at the recreation centre Uniqum in Norsjö municipality and also runs his own company.

En glad Jesper.

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